Keystone Kimonos operates primarily out of Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 providing custom merchandise solutions to martial arts academies across North America and the Persian Gulf. In addition to simply meeting your design requirements, we also prioritize proactive supply chain management to ensure your business needs are met in a timely manner despite global manufacturing and supply chain constraints.

4-Stage process overview

Meeting Your Design and Business Needs


Once we receive your academies brand kit and a short summary of your vision, we will provide you with design samples. During this stage, any revisions can be made as requested. You may also choose to proceed without any revisions by choosing a design from the initially provided sample set. 


We provide you with a picture of the physical product sample in addition to the 3D mock-ups. We can also ship the physical sample to you for a final review upon request.


Once we've finalized the designs. We'll send you invoices that include all charges (no hidden fees). Duties and shipping are to be borne as they occur. Additional information regarding the payment terms(ex. method and due dates) will be sent to you at this stage as well.


For large quantity orders, manufacturing is expected to take 4 weeks and shipping 1-2 weeks. Keystone also offers express shipping through UPS or DHL. Tracking information will be provided for both. Following delivery, we provide you with the necessary channel for communicating feedback regarding the product and design.

Given the design review stage, we don't offer a general return policy. However, if the product has a major defect or significant discrepancy from the approved design or sample, we will make the necessary corrections.

We've curated a collection that displays our ability to elicit, understand, and portray different academies visions into in-sport and off-sport merchandise.

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